Opinion Line Extra (April 30)

04/30/2014 12:00 AM

04/29/2014 5:59 PM

We have Cliven Bundy, Phil Robertson and now Donald Sterling, yet the Supreme Court says the workplace does not need anti-discrimination laws? And Southern states say we don’t need the Voting Rights Act anymore because racism is dead? Explain that to me.

Right-wing Kansans, examine your beliefs. Are you just like Cliven Bundy?

Who can be more openly racist than Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson?

Bundy is a thief and criminal, and the federal government should go back with all the force it needs.

It’s good to see the people of the Western states and their elected leaders standing up for states’ rights and individual liberty against the federal beast. It’s been out of control for decades, but is at its worst now. All Americans must stand with them, or we’ll all lose.

I suppose that the students and parents are so delighted that the first lady is not going to Topeka for the graduation ceremony itself. Were they worried about the number of tickets that each person could get, or were there underlying issues? I will take the latter.

Why in the world are we letting this president hang around? This dude should have been impeached three scandals ago. His Asian tour was a flop, like everything he’s done since becoming president. He has the U.S. in a total mess. Kathleen Sebelius would make for a better president than this fool.

Are we really supposed to believe that Americans for Prosperity radio ad that says our electric rates have only gone up since Sebelius proposed a renewable energy standard? Where we they in the late 1980s when the nuclear plant was being built? I still laugh when I hear that ad.

As far as I know, the Kochs are doing nothing illegal. Why can’t you just leave them alone and do something productive with your time?

If Topeka is going to spend money and time declaring state sovereignty to bypass every federal regulation, why not just secede from the Union?

You come in on time, work hard and are sure you do a good job, but you and your boss just never got along. Now you’re fired for no reason. This can affect every job, not just teachers, so don’t gripe when you’re out the door, too.

Run, Todd Tiahrt, run.

Sharyl Attkison is a hero. Finally someone in the mainstream media tell us how the Obama administration bullies the reporters who try to report the truth. She resigned after more than 20 years on the job with CBS because she was muffled by her bosses.

Obesity is a self-inflicted disability and should not be rewarded with the right to use disabled parking.

The headline on the front page of the Saturday paper about a “throat-slashing murder” was horrible. Why include that description in the headline? Disgusting, offensive, insensitive, to say the least.

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