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04/30/2014 12:00 AM

04/29/2014 5:54 PM

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The Nazis – I mean the Russians are in the Sudetenland, uh, I mean Crimea. Know what comes next?

The world must respect the Obama administration even more than before, knowing the president and his bureaucrats will send out angry tweets to scare other countries into submission.

I have come to the conclusion that adult poverty in this country is for the most part a matter of making poor decisions.

Entitlement never comes with a “thank you.” It just comes with a lot of whining about not having what other people have.

It is amazing how remorseful some people can be, especially once the recording of an incident appears.

On Monday I visited the offices of Social Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the driver’s license bureau. I received outstanding service at all three offices with minimal waits. The employees were all pleasant and helpful.

The actions under the Kansas Legislature’s one-party rule this session have made the divided government in Washington that gets very little done look pretty good.

The governor says the state controlling Medicare will have no effect on the program or its benefits. Guess what? We don’t believe him.

I am sick and tired of giving more tax money to public schools. More parents need to start educating their children before they start preschool. Make them your priority. Teachers are there to teach and nothing more.

Rep. Jim Howell of Derby suggested the teachers at the legislative forum don’t represent the opinions of the community. Oh, yeah? Well, plenty of us agree with those teachers and will vote against Republicans who are anti-public education and who advocated unfair tax cuts.

A huge congratulations to the Colvin Elementary fourth-graders for the accomplishment of meeting the goal of 100 days of all the students completing their homework.

Fourth-grader Inona Smith wasn’t the only one shedding tears of joy upon reaching the 100th day of completed homework. The students will enjoy the rewards of their work long after the field trip.

During Gregg Marshall’s first year, friends of mine speculated whether he’d make it past his first year, and look where he has taken us. Shocker baseball is going through a transition. Give Todd Butler a chance.

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