Opinion Line (April 29)

04/29/2014 12:00 AM

04/28/2014 5:42 PM

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Cliven Bundy an American hero? Please. He is nothing more than a leech on American society making a living using government facilities while slamming the American system. He should be the head of the tea party.

The Koch brothers should stay in their own backyard and help people like those around West High (April 20 Eagle) instead of trying to buy elections all over the country.

The Koch brothers should raise money for conservative candidates by starting an online organization dedicated to bashing the Koch brothers.

Kansans are great, but we can’t take pride in Kansas again until we replace the extremists in Topeka with moderate leaders who care about average Kansans.

Every business has a legal right to fire any employee who performs badly. Teachers should be held to this same standard. I am a teacher and I get angry seeing bad teachers get away with stealing an education from our children.

The failed liberal method of throwing more money at education isn’t going to fix it. Only when we stop accepting federal funds for education and make it a totally state affair will it improve.

Teaching is not just a job but a profession requiring a minimum of a college education plus licensing, and yet the state has denied teachers due process with regard to employment. No other profession has had such shabby treatment.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach must be working on a new assignment – keeping the irate 35,000 teachers from voting in the next state election.

Congratulations to the Lord’s Diner for serving 2 million meals.

If very few will ever use mass transit, why is the solution to throw more money at it? Maybe the answer should be to close the doors. It’s typical of Wichita city government to fund what can’t support itself.

The original ballot question to allow slot machines at the dog track was so ambiguous that it appeared that we’d have slot machines in every convenience store. A clear-cut proposition would be approved by a large majority.

So now it’s going to be politically incorrect to use the word “bossy.” The women telling us what words we can use are a good example of bossy.

What are the chances of getting Gene Stephenson back as baseball coach for WSU?

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