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April 27, 2014

Opinion Line (April 27)

Boeing, Cessna, Beechcraft – helping Wichita become the Detroit of the Midwest. Thank you, aircraft management.

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Boeing, Cessna, Beechcraft – helping Wichita become the Detroit of the Midwest. Thank you, aircraft management.

More layoffs. Thanks, President Obama, for your comments about business jets.

With the layoffs, the pre-planned purposeful dissolving of Beechcraft begins.

When I hear about the average salary of the aircraft workers losing their jobs, I have to think either a lot of them are grossly overpaid or a lot of us are grossly underpaid. How can any business pay such high salaries and make money?

The job market is becoming a slaughterhouse for the hapless souls blessed with the privilege of entering into it.

So what if Fatah and Hamas have decided to form a unity government? A peace agreement was never possible anyway, since radical Palestinians kill anyone who’ll compromise with Israel and Israeli settlements expand daily onto Palestinian land. So put a fork in the “peace process.” It’s done.

It is interesting how history repeats itself. Vladimir Putin has brought back the Cold War and Harry Reid has brought back Joe McCarthy.

When Obama says Medicaid expansion will be at “zero cost to these states,” I hear “zero down, no payment till 2015.” He’d make a good car dealership spokesman.

It’s too bad Sen. Pat Roberts has to run a negative campaign. Can’t he find something positive to run on after 33 years in Congress?

Rep. Mike Pompeo has stated that the federal government doesn’t create jobs, taxes are too high and go to waste, and we are drowning in debt. Apparently that doesn’t apply with the new tankers at McConnell.

We need Todd Tiahrt in D.C. again. The man changed Washington. It didn’t change him.

War on education. War on seniors. War on the judiciary. War on voting rights. War on the environment. War on sexual orientation. War on local control. Guns everywhere. Are you proud of being a Kansan yet?

Due process for firing teachers went from being state-mandated to being controlled by local districts. Any district can still make this mandatory – unlike at my job, where I can get fired for underperforming anytime. Oh, woe is me – and the majority of the population.

Kansas’ legislative session should start two weeks before the summer solstice and end two weeks after it. This would minimize the amount of time legislators have to sneak in legislation under the cover of darkness, the way they did denial of teacher due process.

Having a license to teach does not make one a better teacher, just as having a driver’s license does not make one a better driver (just drive on Kellogg, for example).

To keep in step with our governor and the Kansas Legislature, I’ve been turning my clocks back. I have them back to 1897. I still have a long way to go.

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