Opinion Line Extra (April 25)

04/25/2014 12:00 AM

04/24/2014 5:40 PM

If you believe that the Keystone XL pipeline will lower your gasoline price, you’ve been sold a bill of goods because you didn’t do your homework. Just ask Bill O’Reilly.

Someone is still equating the price of gas to the Keystone pipeline approval? Wow. Don’t get out much, do we?

Why should Obama care about us paying $4 for a gallon of gasoline? He has our tax money to spend jetting all over the world in Air Force One trying to promote his failed diplomatic policies.

There are more disturbing things than how much you pay for gas. Our state has some of the lowest-priced gas in the country. Stop being so small-minded.

Barack Obama a superhero? That comment made me laugh out loud and spit my coffee all over my desk.

So the red tape from Obamacare will destroy health care? Has no one figured out that the government is not running the health care system? The insurance companies are still controlling your very life, whether you signed up through Obamacare or directly with your health insurance company.

Gov. Sam Brownback signing law after law that is detrimental to his citizens is like a lousy father who, as he’s beating his child, says, “This is for your own good.” Gee, thanks, Dad.

The 448,000 Kansans who rely on Medicare should vote Brownback and the Republicans out of office for voting to place Medicare in their hands. They have no plan as to how it will be handled. They just wanted to make a statement. Well, fellow seniors, let’s make one of our own.

Now that the governor has signed the health compact bill, and because it’s likely Republicans will win the U.S. Senate and agree, Kansas Social Security receivers should start looking for a noncompact state to which to move.

Maybe Bob Dole could not vote for a Democrat, but I sure will after Brownback signed House Bill 2553. I will not vote for anyone who supports that bill.

A recent retiree, I relocated with my family to Wichita, where we heard there are lots of decent folks. After watching what’s going on with Genesis Health Clubs and the Legislature regarding tax favoritism, we will leave the state if this passes. Disgraceful.

For the person who said spring is when “you dig up the plants that died last year and plant the ones that will die this year”: You must be the lazy person whose front and back yards are an eyesore to our covenant community.

Regarding the Barton County prisoner’s request for tattoo removal: Why can’t he just wear a dickey?

If the weathermen at Channel 12 continue to cry wolf, this will be a long, scary summer. The forecast was for rain, hail and tornadoes – and we got a little shower.

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