Opinion Line Extra (April 24)

04/24/2014 12:00 AM

04/23/2014 5:45 PM

Ozone is the current left’s answer to lack of a carbon tax. Even when the level was 200 ppm, there was no evidence for why. Ozone levels continue to be lowered in order to cripple industry and damage the middle class with more taxes and regulations.

Dumbest thing I’ve heard this week: The head of the EPA flies around all week speaking about carbon footprints. It would be funny if it weren’t so hypocritical.

Columnist Cal Thomas is quick to say what’s wrong with the government, but he never says what’s right. Sure, Obamacare is bad, but he offers no alternative. As far as what the government does right – Americans live in a country free from chaos and fear. That’s a government that works.

Hey, President Obama and the rest of you idiots: The number of people signing up for Obamacare isn’t a sign of success. Quality and accessibility of health care, freedom of choices, waiting lists, your costs, red tape, bureaucracy, etc., will be indicators. Idiots will follow Obama anywhere.

Democrats tried to fix the problem of no access to health care by forcing everyone to buy insurance. Now their deductibles are so astronomically high that they still don’t have access and they’re out the premiums on the insurance. Democrats propose to fix this with a complete government takeover.

Why should any commentary from our legislators be believed or tolerated? Do they listen to or consider their constituents with regard to legislation that affects us? Their actions don’t show it. They were elected to “represent” us, but they have turned their backs and deaf ears to us.

Of course the governor would sign a bill allowing the hiring of unlicensed teachers of math and science – individuals who have a background in those subjects but no knowledge of how to convey it to their students. That is how our state government works.

The ads keep saying Gov. Sam Brownback has lowered my taxes, even though my property tax and state tax have gone up. Do they think if they keep saying they have gone down, we will believe it?

Sending Joe Biden to Kiev must have Russia’s Vladimir Putin shaking in his boots.

I was walking out of the theater with my grandson after seeing the new “Captain America” movie and he asked me if superheroes were real. I said there was at least one, and his name is Barack Obama.

Trying to locate the “ping” from the missing Malaysian jet has cost the world authorities the equivalent of feeding the entire hungry world population for the next 10 years. Maybe it is time to get the human priorities right.

I guess I don’t understand how it works, but I’d like to know how Fargo, N.D., got Paul McCartney and Wichita didn’t.

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