Opinion Line (April 23)

04/23/2014 12:00 AM

04/22/2014 5:31 PM

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Once again The Eagle has printed several pages of delinquent property taxes. Many go back to 2009. My question: Why am I paying my property taxes? There do not seem to be any consequences for not paying.

I never smoked, but I hate the tobacco industry. In four months I have lost a sister-in-law, a cousin and a sister to tobacco-related illnesses. I implore you: Do not smoke. If you do, please quit before your family suffers the same horrible loss of life mine has experienced.

Why are people so quick to give up on other people and themselves? The whole world has gone both lazy and crazy. Second chances need to be given sometimes.

Any so-called Republicans who support “fixing” Obamacare do not deserve their seats. There is only one fix, and that is full repeal.

The definition of political suicide is to be a Republican who blindly voted to eliminate teachers’ right to due process. Retribution will come from 35,000 teachers, plus their friends and relatives as well as anyone smart enough to recognize that the Republicans crossed the line of logic and decency.

I wonder how all those little Republican communities in western Kansas are going to feel after Sam Brownback’s signature on the school bill makes it even harder to retain teachers. Nobody in his right mind would move where teacher protections won’t apply.

I am sure there are teachers who are just no good or have become ineffective, regardless of what they believe, relative to various issues.

In nearly 30 years of travel I have rarely seen Wichita gas prices the highest in the state. But they have been 5-20 cents higher than in nearly every other city in the state now for months. I always leave the city on empty and return with a full tank.

All hail, spring – the season where you dig up the plants that died last year and plant the ones that will die this year.

Thanks to city crews for trimming the low-hanging limbs and brush from the bike and walking paths along the canal from Douglas to Stafford through Linwood Park. Now if we can get you to replace the asphalt just before you go under Harry Street Bridge, the ride would be perfect.

I just left the checkout lane at the country’s largest retailer. What year is it?

If all else fails, I’ll bug out.

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