Opinion Line Extra (April 22)

04/22/2014 12:00 AM

04/21/2014 6:15 PM

I hope President Obama starts a movement of environmental priority by making an example out of the Keystone pipeline. We must start somewhere, and the pipeline would be a good place to do it.

Keystone pipeline oil is already being transported – at higher cost, higher risk and higher greenhouse-gas emissions. So what’s the holdup? This administration is very political and environmentally stupid. Almost two-thirds of the public support it.

What do all these people against gays plan to do about them? That’s right – you can’t do anything. It must be hard to go out in public knowing that one might be near you.

The cookbook for Democratic victory in the fall is on full display. Turn up the flames under phony allegations of sexism, racism or wage discrimination. It does not solve any problems facing our country, but it gets their voters to the polls.

If people want to send their kids to religious school instead of a free public school, fine. But my tax dollars should only go for public schools.

It’s bad enough when our elected officials are untrustworthy, self-serving prevaricators. But to think Kansas citizens swallow their lines of baloney and then re-elect them to office is tantamount to masochism.

Mississippi is thankful that Kansas has taken over its reputation as being the most backward state in the union.

If you must have a valid ID to receive Obamacare, then why do the progressives have such a problem with having an ID to vote?

Kansans must ask themselves why these snake-oil salesmen from Texas are trying to tell us why we should fear Obamacare and instead support this ludicrous Republican health compact. One thing is certain: They are not worried about the health of Kansans.

So if the state takes over Medicare, will I have to reapply if I move out of state? Let us know now so we can prepare to move. I can’t think of much worse than being held hostage in Kansas.

The Federal Reserve has an extra $4 trillion sitting around that it can apply it toward our national debt. It spends the cash to bail out other countries. It can just print up more money like it has been doing.

Now I see that every man, woman and child owes $106,000 for the national debt. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t have nearly that much to my name.

There sure are a lot of cowards in this country, considering the number of people who feel the need to carry a gun.

I’ll be leaving my cracked driveway and ugly lawn the way they are so my property taxes won’t go up.

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