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April 21, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (April 21)

November can’t get here soon enough. Get ready, folks. Let’s vote ’em out.

November can’t get here soon enough. Get ready, folks. Let’s vote ’em out.

Any person registered as a Republican or Democrat at any point in time during the 2014 Kansas legislative session should not be eligible to run for any elected office in the state of Kansas until 2038.

I predict a mass exodus of people from the state of Kansas to other states.

Good teachers should have nothing to fear from the law removing tenure. So if all of the teachers are supporting Paul Davis, it tells you the teachers don’t think they’re good in their chosen occupation anymore.

I read that some 35,000 teachers will not vote for Sam Brownback since the teacher tenure is in jeopardy. I think the number will be 100,000 or more, because teachers have spouses, children, friends and parents who support them.

The pensions of Detroit’s city employees were guaranteed by the state constitution in Michigan. Now Detroit is bankrupt and that guarantee is worthless. And Kansas Rep. Brett Hildabrand expects us to believe our Medicare would stay exactly the same under some unknown state compact?

Competitive Governance Action is a far-right group based in Houston that basically wants to do away with the federal government. If you believe it has the interests of seniors in mind with its health care compact, then I want to sell you some beachfront property in Arizona.

The typical liberal’s response to everything is to change the subject and start calling names. It’s no wonder Congress is nonproductive.

Obamacare is a couple of thousand pages of not-so-well-hidden political double-talk benefiting those who voted for him. The band may be playing in the White House, but hearts are not light for Americans struggling to afford Obamacare’s higher costs.

Instead of sending the feds the money they say I owe them or else, I think next time I’ll redistribute it to someone more needy. Namely me. Or maybe a homeless guy. But probably me.

The Opinion Line used to be funny. Ever since Obama was elected, it’s mostly conservatives complaining.

The only thing dumber than the Democrats playing the race card are the people who believe it.

An earthquake in Mexico? Wow, that fracking in Kansas and Oklahoma really is powerful stuff.

One positive aspect of missing Flight 370 is that it has brought to our attention what a floating cesspool our oceans have become. However, many won’t be concerned unless the trash is floating up to their door.

Whoever is in charge of the message boards on Kellogg needs to be fired for not updating them in a timely manner. There was no wreck in the center westbound lane at 5 p.m. Thursday.

Does anyone else think the women in the TV ads for daily ED prescription drugs are much younger than the men?

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