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04/20/2014 12:00 AM

04/18/2014 6:45 PM

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There sure is a lot of graffiti in the jewel of the City Council’s eye, downtown.

Call Sam Brownback and thank him for producing a commercial that gave you a good laugh.

The TV ad wants us to thank the governor for the education bill. We should say, “Thanks for nothing.” When the heavy lifting was being done he was nowhere to be found. Now he can’t even make up his mind as to whether to veto it or not. Ridiculous.

I am very worried that the definition of “underperforming teacher” will come to mean one who is teaching evolution, climate science and other self-evident truths that conflict with the superstition-based beliefs of many of our state legislators.

Tenure was made for college professors doing controversial work. Government had no business bestowing tenure on K-12 teachers.

Why are we letting outside special-interest groups write our legislation in Kansas? House Bill 2553 in nothing more than legislation done for political spite, yet it has the potential to do great damage to the people of this state. The governor should veto this.

The very fact that the Republicans are backing a Medicare takeover should ensure a victory for Democrats in the Kansas House this year. The very fact that Brownback didn’t come out against it immediately should ensure a Democratic governor.

The Old West has been revived. It’s ranchers versus the feds. And the ranchers won this round. It’s about time some of the good citizens of our country took a stand against the feds.

People keep saying that the Bundys must obey the law. Where were they when sanctuary cities were springing up all over the country and government officials were refusing to enforce the law so illegals could stay in the country?

If conservatives couldn’t defeat the recovery, did you really think they could defeat the Affordable Care Act?

Kathleen Sebelius did what her boss wanted her to do, except that she hired IT people incapable of large-picture programming. In Kansas she was a good insurance commissioner and governor. I am Republican, but can recognize good work. Some of the new health law is great.

President Obama professes that he wants to work with Republicans and then lambastes them with the next breath. I guess he still expects them to cooperate. Would you?

Democrats are trying to say that attacks on the administration are fueled by race. This is their way of denying the truth. The attacks are fueled by the utter incompetence of the Obama administration.

It is unfortunate that the president of Russia is not a U.S. resident or citizen, because Obama could implement his threat of “grave consequences” and have the IRS audit and investigate him.

On TV they keep talking about the Easter Bunny and candy, and not about the real reason why we celebrate this time of the year. That is when Jesus Christ rose from the dead for our sins.

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