Opinion Line (April 21)

04/21/2014 12:00 AM

04/18/2014 6:11 PM

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Can we make it harder to get and retain driver’s licenses? There are many people who shouldn’t be on the road.

The Wichita Police Department won’t start cracking down on cyclists who use the sidewalk because it is allowed by City Code Section 11.48.160 (except downtown).

I am a 68-year-old lady who likes to ride her bicycle for exercise and errands. There aren’t any bike trails in my area, and I do ride off the sidewalk into the grass if there are walkers or joggers. I have been forced to take a ditch because of drivers.

I’ve been reading that Obamacare is becoming a success story. I am going to start calling it something else so he doesn’t get credit for it.

Bob Dole can’t think of a single Democrat he would vote for. As a registered Republican, I can’t think of a single Republican I will vote for.

The smart thing for the governor to do is to veto the school-finance bill, with its cancellation of due process for teachers, giving the legislators time to make peace with their constituents and to reconsider when they return to Topeka. It will never happen, though.

Good teachers are truly appreciated and should be rewarded, which should have nothing to do with tenure. Welcome to the real world, where your job should be based on production.

Now that Kathleen Sebelius is out of a job, maybe she’d like her old job back. Kansas could use a good governor.

Will the people who attack the Koch brothers for spending their own money on political involvement also gripe about Michael Bloomberg’s latest action? Of course not. Freedom of speech is only for those who agree with the left.

I believe we have reached that point in history where being clueless is an asset.

You let your cat run loose. It ran in front of my car. I couldn’t stop in time. I feel terrible. You should feel even worse because you are to blame.

Regarding the complaint about loud and “obnoxious” wind chimes: I could say the same thing about children.

I hang wind chimes to help drown out the sound of your obnoxious barking dogs and leaf blowers.

Did someone really write Opinion Line complaining about the noise from their neighbor’s wind chimes? You live in Kansas. And get a life.

I just love the self-checkout at the Rockwell Branch Library.

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