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April 19, 2014

Opinion Line (April 19)

Liberals think the world is going to end due to climate change. Conservatives think it’s going to end because of Obama.

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Liberals think the world is going to end due to climate change. Conservatives think it’s going to end because of Obama.

From top to bottom, “renewable” and “green” energy is a scam, and wind is the worst. If it weren’t for government subsidies, it would already be dead – as it should be.

The federal government is spending millions to harass an honest, hardworking American citizen in Nevada. Too bad that money and effort couldn’t be put into stopping the invasion across our southern border.

So now we have the children and grandchildren of the Republicans who said Medicare would never work telling us the Affordable Care Act will never work. Of course we should all believe them, since they were correct the first time around.

Put the Kansas Legislature in charge of my Medicare benefits? Are you kidding? It will use federal Medicare funds as a piggy bank to finance whatever pet projects catch its fancy, like more tax cuts for the well-to-do.

Kansas Republicans didn’t learn the lesson of Obamacare, the mother of all mandates. Get ready, because your health insurance costs are going up due to new autism coverage, whether you want it or not.

My public-school-educated children are very successful adults. Stop blaming the teachers. Stop being parents who are lazy do-nothings, or closed-minded bigots, self-righteous complainers or gullible believers of anything. You are causing the dumbing down of America.

Mark my words: School administrations will soon use the “no more due process” law to fire good teachers at the top of the salary scale just to balance their budgets or increase their sports allocations.

I’ve tried, but I can’t think of anything to thank Gov. Sam Brownback for.

Many liberal educators are all for restricting individual rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. But listen to them howl when the Kansas Board of Regents restricts their First Amendment rights with its social media policy.

It seems like Kris Kobach will go to any extent to lie about voter fraud. He told a Florida radio station that widows are voting for their dead husbands. I would like to see him prove that.

Seriously, Intrust Bank Arena? Lubbock, Texas, can get Paul McCartney but not Wichita?

If dandelions were a lucrative cash crop, most of my neighbors would be millionaires.

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