Opinion Line (April 18)

04/18/2014 12:00 AM

04/17/2014 5:31 PM

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If our fine Legislature wants Kansas to be like Texas, it should pack up and move. The one good thing to come out of Texas is I-35 North.

If repeal of schoolteacher tenure is good for Wisconsin, it’s good for Kansas, too.

The main reason to have schools is to provide children with education, not provide jobs for teachers. Being able to dismiss underperforming teachers is good for the children. Some would put the security of teachers above the education of children.

If a school has weak teachers, it usually means the school has weak administrators.

Governor, if you’re going to tell people in Emporia you will sign legislation, don’t show up in Wichita several hours later telling people you haven’t made up your mind yet. Rookie mistake by a career politician.

First Gov. Sam Brownback goes after teachers, and now it’s seniors. A bill would place Medicare under the authority of state officials – the same people who turned their backs on Medicaid expansion. Tell Brownback to veto this bill before it’s too late.

I am no fan of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. But even she had the good sense to veto the Medicare takeover bill, probably so as to not rile up the seniors. Are you listening, Gov. Brownback?

Pope Francis is the best.

Instead of whining about how much other people have, take the time and effort to be something more. True freedom is not having to rely on anyone to survive, including your parents, your friends or your government.

I and many other productive citizens just wrote large checks to the government. Much of that money is used by the Democrats who control government to give free stuff to their constituents to buy their votes, and to pay worthless bureaucrats to control and hurt many other hardworking Americans.

It is ironic – and tragic – for a man to spend his life spewing hate toward nonwhite and Jewish people, then allegedly murder three white-skinned Christians, supposedly his kind of people.

Stay-at-home moms shouldn’t complain about having to do all the cleaning. It is their job to clean the house and take care of the kids.

I am not saying that I have gained too much weight lately, but my tattoo of a rowboat has turned into a battleship.

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