Opinion Line Extra (April 17)

04/17/2014 12:00 AM

04/16/2014 5:56 PM

Republicans have declared war on seniors by attacking Social Security and Medicare paid for by our taxes. Reduce welfare payments, which have not been paid for by the people receiving the benefits.

Citizens who don’t have enough money to buy freedom need government to protect us, such as laws to protect the right to breathe smoke-free air. Apparently Charles Koch doesn’t want to be bothered with laws telling him he can’t pollute the air, ground, water or whatever to increase his bottom line.

To those who say that the war in Vietnam was wrong in trying to stop the spread of communism: What about George W. Bush’s unnecessary and unjustified war in Iraq?

President Obama and his leftist buddies believe America is far too strong. His policies are designed to weaken us in every possible way. Is it any wonder Vladimir Putin and other nefarious leaders are exploiting America’s lack of strong leadership?

Obama, in his daily vote-gathering obsession, hammers the GOP over equal pay for women. In the meantime, Russia’s Putin is playing chess with the West, getting ready to annex eastern Ukraine. He has to be laughing daily at a weak, foolish and once-great United States.

Now that Obama has Kathleen Sebelius to blame, I predict we will soon find out that the claim of 7.5 million ACA enrollees was wildly exaggerated.

Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango, an illegal immigrant, appears to have not been helped at all by Obamacare as she died.

My household consists of two people. Under the current scheme, the city charges me twice what it charges the family of eight next door to water the same lawn area equally. What’s fair about that? If I’m to subsidize others, at least be open about it.

I hope the city gets done removing the sand from the streets soon in northeast and northwest Wichita, the rich areas, so crews can come to the south part of town and remove the sand from Broadway, Pawnee and Hydraulic. Thanks for the two new chips in my new windshield.

To our state legislators: Can you in all honesty state that you trust the state of Kansas to handle your Medicare? I know I certainly don’t trust it to handle mine.

I hope we don’t start referring to prairie chickens as Democrats.

So you’re so sure that biblical account of Noah is a “fairy tale”? At least there’s definitive archaeological proof that there was a cataclysmic worldwide flood, which is more than you can say for the fairy tale of evolution that masquerades as a scientific theory.

I think I will get my preschoolers involved early in my passion and take them skydiving, which is actually safer than sailing a small boat across a major ocean.

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