Opinion Line (April 17)

04/17/2014 12:00 AM

04/16/2014 5:55 PM

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Idealists go to Washington, D.C., to do good, but stay to do very, very well. Perhaps we should throw all the bums out.

The right-wing media refer to ordinary folks who don’t pay taxes because they are too poor as “moochers” and “tak-ers,” but refer to rich white ranchers who refuse to pay taxes as “heroes.” Go figure.

Since there are more poor than rich people, it’s probable that the poor will pick most of the politicians elected, no matter who spends what. So I see no need for people to keep kicking the Kochs. What if they are correct that the nation could consider a course correction?

Davis Merritt has a lot more influence than Charles Koch (April 15 Opinion). Merritt can have commentaries published in The Eagle and it doesn’t cost him a cent. And he is backed by nearly the entire media and educational establishments. That’s influence.

Want to be in the top 1 percent? Don’t be part of a teenage pregnancy. Stay away from drugs. Finish high school. Go to college. Take loans and go to professional school. It’s all about making good choices. Anyone can do it, but it takes sacrifice.

Any members of the City Council, present and future, who have water wells at their residences should be excused from any discussions concerning the future of water in Wichita. Also, they should not be allowed to vote on any motions concerning water.

When will the Police Department start cracking down on bicycle riders who ignore traffic signals, ride on the wrong side of streets and ride on sidewalks?

Conservatives’ goal is to destroy public education by dissecting it piece by piece. They will succeed unless lower-middle and middle-class voters come out of their electronics-induced stupor and pay attention to what their representatives are up to.

In my long life I’ve tended to lean toward Democrat candidates, but occasionally did vote Republican. Not anymore. These new right-wing Republicans are contemptible and care nothing about the average citizen.

If Genesis Health Clubs gets a tax break, it will be because of the people who own the business. It’s not what you know. It’s who you know and how much money you have.

The Catholic Church offers coffee and doughnuts after Mass. So, given Rodney Steven’s effort to gain a tax exemption, let’s allow all for-profit coffee and doughnut shops a tax exemption, since the Catholic Church is “unfairly competing” against them.

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