Opinion Line Extra (April 16)

04/16/2014 12:00 AM

04/15/2014 5:32 PM

The Obama propaganda news media seem to be irrationally focused on the alleged Overland Park shooter being charged with “hate” crimes rather than the fact that he supposedly shot and killed people and tried to shoot others.

I’m sure the NRA will say the highway shootings in Kansas City could be thwarted if every driver were armed as well – as if one could defends oneself driving down the road at 70 mph. The NRA will never admit it’s the access to guns that’s the problem.

Liberals say you cannot judge all Muslims by a few extremists but you can judge all gun owners by a few extremists. Ideology rules; sanity walks.

The teenager who attacked students at the school near Pittsburgh did not kill any of his victims. That’s the difference between using knives and guns.

Another day and another stab at victimhood to stir up emotions. The latest theme for President Obama is equal pay for women. Didn’t he fix that several years ago? Oh, right – another election is coming up.

The president’s equal pay demand for men and women is simply an election-year distraction from Obamacare. He knows pay levels are virtually the same when adjusted for individual performance and experience.

When the earth moves, the sky falls, and all politicians look and talk alike, will we admit that oil companies and billionaires might be affecting the quality of our lives?

“Obama looks to pivot from health care rollout” (April 12 Eagle). If only the rest of us could be so lucky.

When the governor signs the proposed school-finance bill, it will prove that he has no respect for public schools and public school teachers.

The governor obviously thinks the school-finance bill will pass Kansas Supreme Court review, as he already has an ad out taking credit for something that would not have occurred without court direction. By the way, don’t hold your breath waiting for property-tax relief.

I’ve tried but I can’t think of anything to thank Brownback for.

Our son moved out of state never to return. Upon retirement, so shall my wife and I. A misguided governor, corrupt Legislature and ignorant electorate have Kansas on the cusp of an economic dust bowl. So best load up the old Hudson and search for freedom, democracy and prosperity elsewhere.

The conservatives want absolutely nothing to do with any federal legislation that might remotely, at least in the minds of the conservatives, infringe on the state’s rights. However, they have no qualms about enacting legislation that treads all over local governments and their rights.

It was great not having Tiger Woods in the Masters. Finally, the announcers had to talk about someone other than Tiger.

Now that the Wichita City Council has voted to change the airport name, it looks like city will have its own IKEA (Ike Airport).

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