Opinion Line (April 16)

04/16/2014 12:00 AM

04/15/2014 5:31 PM

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I’ve got a new bill that needs to be passed on all levels of government: If you lie at any point while in office, you will be fired. I know it will never happen, but wouldn’t that be awesome?

I’m in the tax bracket called “if you earned something, send it in.”

Last year I got a Kansas refund of $94. I also got a refund the year before. This year I had to pay $134. Thanks, Gov. Sam Brownback.

The audacity of our Kansas Legislature wanting to take away due process for teachers, considering the worthless job the legislators have done. Vote them out of office without a reason. Oh, wait – the reason is obvious.

If Brownback backs severing veteran teacher tenure rights, I will not be voting for him, nor will anyone else I have discussed this issue with.

Stripping all teachers of tenure is unfair and unnecessary. Principals have the protocol to cull the ranks of nonperforming teachers, but few exert the effort to do so.

Rep. Kevin Yoder said Sunday “that evil can strike at any time and today it struck here in Overland Park.” There are not more evil people in America than elsewhere; they are just better armed. And once again we lower the flags, murmur the platitudes and refuse to enact sensible gun laws.

Federal charges against Hillary Clinton’s shoe thrower? Really? She should receive an “attaboy” certificate and, at most, a court order to attend target practice classes.

Please remember it is not free if your neighbor is paying for it.

Why is it the government wants to protect creatures like the desert tortoise and lesser prairie chicken instead of the livelihood of farmers and ranchers?

I keep hearing the city is going to clean up the sand on the streets, but the crews apparently haven’t made it out west.

Please, dear neighbors: I don’t want to hear random dinging and bonging for the rest of my life. If you like that, take you’re obnoxious “wind chimes” inside your house and listen to them there.

The pear trees in bloom around town have been a beautiful sight to see. Too bad the beauty couldn’t carry over to their fragrance. They are the most offensively stinky blooms going.

We took “selfies” long before you ever tagged it with a name. It was called “taking a picture of yourself.”

Warning labels interfere with evolution.

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