Opinion Line Extra (April 14)

04/14/2014 12:00 AM

04/11/2014 6:29 PM

It’s not too late for the Wichita City Council members to reverse their decision to rename ICT, thereby saving their jobs and avoiding forever being labeled wasteful spenders of taxpayer dollars. If they’re just going to throw my tax dollars down a hole, I’d rather have them back.

Every place I have called to see if it’s OK to go onto their website due to the “Heartbleed” bug, not only did they not know what I was talking about, my bank told me not to worry, I was FDIC-protected anyway.

Will Pennsylvania be enacting new knife-control legislation? Will Walmart be singled out and taking the rap again for selling lethal weapons?

Many of us are thinking the same thing: How can we prevent another mass stabbing? How soon will we be hearing we need background checks to own knives? Will we need to register them? Will ownership be restricted?

They made our decisions for us. Now, the food industry will have to trust the consumers; we want to make our own decisions. Label the food; not the consumers.

Promoting peace with money is absurd.

We are in the midst of tea party politics that continues to cut funding or services no matter whom it hurts. However, this does not include the rich or businesses. They both can get richer while the rest of us pay their taxes.

Each time Kansas lawmakers and our governor support a foolish and negative new law, I am ashamed to tell people in other states that I am a Kansan.

It is difficult to understand why the Legislature and governor consistently turn their backs on seniors and disabled. If this health care compact becomes effective, my husband and I plan on moving out of state. I don’t want to be elderly, need services, and then have the added stress of a broken system.

The poor schoolteachers need to be educated on who pays their wages. It is some of their former pupils who did not get the proper education.

Kathleen Sebelius: Do not come back to Kansas. Ever. You are persona non grata.

Nothing new with Kathleen Sebelius. First she botches the Obamacare rollout and then she flubbed part of her farewell speech. I hope this incompetent does not come back to Kansas.

Hillary Clinton had a shoe thrown at her at a speech at a Scrap Recycling Industries meeting in Las Vegas. The lady had been denied access but pushed past security. You need an invitation to a scrap recycling meeting? I wonder if it was a recycled speech?

Mike Pompeo, Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts need to go. They couldn’t give a hoot about a $17 trillion debt.

What do Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Dave Letterman and Stephen Colbert have in common? None of them is funny.

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