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04/13/2014 12:00 AM

04/11/2014 5:46 PM

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If Hobby Lobby gets out of the parts of the Affordable Care Act that it doesn’t approve of, how do I stop any of my tax dollars from going to any non-public school?

If Gov. Sam Brownback signs the school funding bill as it is, he can count on losing 35,000 votes from all of the teachers in the state in November.

Thank the Kansas Legislature for having the guts to take action against a teachers union that has accomplished nothing over the past number of years but to ensure their jobs through tenure and to dumb down the students of America.

If the Kansas legislators can overrule tenure of schoolteachers, then legislators should be subject to term limits themselves. No more than two terms.

Two endangered species in Kansas: the lesser prairie chicken and good public school teachers.

Wake up: The health care compact bill goes beyond the ACA. It could remove Medicare from the federal government and give it to Kansas. This hard-earned money is not a cash cow to dip into at pleasure. The governor must veto this bill.

The governor needs to leave our Medicare alone. Don’t mess with old people.

An employee facing child sex charges in two states was on paid leave from USD 259 for 14 months. The Kansas Supreme Court rules that school districts aren’t receiving enough money. The Legislature decides to end due process for teachers. There is something wrong with this picture.

Kathleen Sebelius’ tenure will forever be remembered for the disastrous Obamacare rollout. But frankly, no one could have put enough hot fudge on that cow pie to make it taste good.

Why not amortize the cost of the goods and services provided to Russia during and after World War II and send Vladimir Putin the bill?

Even reliable liberals are outraged and disgusted by the “gay McCarthyism” sweeping the nation. Obviously, the media are desperately trying to make conservatives feel that same-sex “marriage” is inevitable, and that everyone but you thinks it’s OK. Lies never win.

State and federal level judges are overreaching their authority. They don’t make law. They rule on it. Hence, the legislatures. How are they getting away with this? What recourse do we have? Can we recall judges, or do they have to be impeached?

It’s funny how folks complain that judges are “activist, unelected policymakers” only when they disagree with the judges’ decisions.

Too bad you can’t get in shape by sitting on machines in gyms and staring at mobile phones and other “devices.” We would have a whole city of Olympic-caliber athletes.

When I went to prom I wore an older sister’s gown, ate banquet food prepared by mothers, danced until midnight and then went to my home with friends for a well-supervised party. I bet I had as much fun as kids do now with their expensive dresses, dinners and limos.

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