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04/14/2014 12:00 AM

04/11/2014 5:29 PM

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Now that it’s illegal to not have health insurance, shouldn’t it be unnecessary to force hospital emergency rooms to treat anyone who comes in the door, regardless of their ability to pay?

Finally Kathleen Sebelius has resigned or – should I say? – been forced out. It should have happened long ago. However, I sure don’t want her to come back to Kansas. Now, can we get President Obama and Eric Holder to resign? Wishful thinking.

Do you suppose that the education commissioner is leaving because she can see how little education is valued in Kansas, especially for females?

Regarding a complaint that money is “being spent educating the children of illegal aliens”: Those kids are American citizens, like the person who said that, and their fathers are as illegal as the grandfathers of many Americans were. We need to educate our kids. Identify waste, demote underscoring teachers, promote parent involvement.

If Kansas legislators gain control of Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, you can bet the first cuts will be in Medicaid and CHIP. Medicare will be protected to win the votes of retired Republicans. Those in Wichita will be pleased, since the cost of a round of golf increased.

Am I the only one still living in Kansas who remembers then-Reps. Ken Grotewiel and Henry Helgerson trying decades ago to get Wichita to pay attention to its water supply? Will anything happen before I have to leave?

God quit making water a long time ago. Any water we now have has been recycled and recycled and recycled. The treated sewage water Wichita doesn’t drink just goes downstream and is converted into drinking water by someone south of us, and Wichita is downstream from a lot of towns.

If you own a vehicle and don’t carry liability insurance, you are a thief. If you cause an accident involving my vehicle, I will have to pay a deductible that I’m sure you won’t be willing to reimburse. It won’t be worth my time to sue, so basically it’s theft.

It is time for spring house cleaning. Wouldn’t it be nice to clean out the gutters in front of your house of all the leaves and trash? It really makes a difference in your home’s appearance.

What? Hollywood used artistic license with the movie “Noah”? Next someone will tell me that Abraham Lincoln didn’t hunt vampires.

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