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April 12, 2014

Opinion Line (April 12)

Thank God Kathleen Sebelius resigned. One message to her: Don’t come back to Kansas. You are not welcome here.

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Thank God Kathleen Sebelius resigned. One message to her: Don’t come back to Kansas. You are not welcome here.

Do you suppose Sebelius looked in the mirror finally and thought, “I can’t keep doing this to the American people”?

Kathleen Sebelius for governor.

How could there have been 12 committee votes against holding former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress? Oh, yeah – to the Democrats it’s all about protecting the party rather than saving the nation by eliminating corruption.

Shame on that person who threw that shoe at Hillary Clinton – and missed.

LBJ did this country a great service by pushing through the Civil Rights Act and Medicare. However, I still do not believe that can compensate for the thousands of soldiers killed and maimed in Vietnam because of his incompetence in office.

I feel like my wife and I are too old to leave a state run by nutcases, but if those same nutcases are put in charge of running our Medicare, I guarantee that we and many others will be gone. And we will take our money with us.

Gov. Sam Brownback will create more working poor by signing the new law allowing employers “to reduce employees’ work hours to avoid layoffs.” Companies reduce hours to avoid contributing to any employee benefits. Brownback continues to show he is business-friendly but not worker-friendly.

The city allows groups of five inconsiderate old men to dictate a slow pace of play on public golf courses for hundreds of other golfers. There should be strictly enforced limits on total group handicap and enforcement of courteous alternatives in place to prevent this.

Enough Haysville bashing. To anyone driving east on Kellogg from Meridian to Seneca, the city of Wichita looks like Trashville. Isn’t anyone in the city office of substandard housing?

Stephen Colbert for David Letterman? What, wasn’t Bozo or a trained monkey available for the job?

Thank you, Bob Lutz, for an awesome commentary on Raphael Toney’s life (April 6 Sports). I am encouraged by his focus on God and others, and willingness to share his failures.

To the thief who stole the jewelry from my home: You took a lifetime of precious memories. I have nothing left for my children. I wish you sleepless nights.

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