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April 11, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (April 11)

Someone told me that if a politician’s lips are moving, there is a 99 percent chance he is lying. I thought that was very generous.

Someone told me that if a politician’s lips are moving, there is a 99 percent chance he is lying. I thought that was very generous.

Campaign contributions may buy corrupt politicians, but there is no evidence they buy elections. Contributions certainly have an effect and may even turn close elections. Yet underfunded candidates do win, proving that rich people don’t buy elections.

I am fine with bad teachers getting dismissed, but any board member or administrator who has a problem with any teacher can get them dismissed just because they don’t like them. Bad teachers can be dismissed. It just takes good documentation by administrators to get it done.

It seems to me that good teachers and other school personnel on contracts shouldn’t be worried about due process and tenure. It’s the bad apples who should worry.

Moving federal health care funding for Medicare and Medicaid to state control would affect nearly 450,000 Medicare recipients in Kansas, and the GOP plan to rework the system is a “work in progress.” This is wrong. Call Brownback and ask him to veto this frivolous and dangerous bill.

It seems to me that we see more commercial ads than we actually see of the main program. Everyone I talk to says they are sick and tired of all the commercials, yet our cable bills are higher than ever.

Why do people chew gum with their mouths open? It makes them look like cows chewing cud.

Isn’t the secretary of state’s job supposed to be more than just flying around on our dime and eating good meals in a multitude of countries?

I often hear about veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan being deployed for repeated tours. Most of these tours are just for a few months. I never hear about the veterans who served in World War II being away from home for years.

A little-recognized issue is that President Obama is succeeding in his immigration plan. He is gradually making the USA a place where no one wants to come.

Democrats have a bumper sticker indicating, “Hands off my Obamacare.” We should have a bumper sticker saying, “Hands off my freedom.”

Anyone who claims to care about gun safety and then turns around and demonizes the NRA is so full of their own garbage it’s ludicrous. No other organization on the planet has a longer or finer record of promoting and teaching gun safety. But why should facts matter?

I know that they are not changing Wichita’s airport code (ICT), but wouldn’t it be great if they would? We could combine ICT and DDE (Dwight David Eisenhower) and make it DDT so everyone could be happy.

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