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April 11, 2014

Opinion Line (April 11)

In general, it has been more fun watching the Kansas Legislature this year than even my drunkest uncles on Thanksgiving.

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In general, it has been more fun watching the Kansas Legislature this year than even my drunkest uncles on Thanksgiving.

The Senate vote to give tax treatment to Genesis Health Clubs equal to the YMCA (a nonprofit that helps families) proves again that a senator can be bought and paid for, even in Kansas.

If Rodney Steven wants a tax break like the YMCA’s, he should make his health clubs nonprofit organizations like the YMCA. Is he going to pass his tax savings on to the Genesis members? I highly doubt it.

I think Kansas government officials want to get their hands on Medicare money so they can use it to cover up how badly their tax cuts are hurting our state.

I can’t imagine a better companion to the governor’s road map leading citizens out of Kansas than the law seeking to join a compact exempt from federal controls on health insurance and Medicare. His map to tax cuts generated no new businesses, just a lot of changed structures. The people will notice.

Some people believe in ever-growing government. They would expand “medical” health care to mental health, transportation health, domestic health and even financial health. Big-government extremists are advocating a perilous and slippery slope.

I am retired with no children in public schools. I cannot believe how badly we treat the teachers in Kansas. Disgraceful.

You cannot make teachers teach, and teachers cannot make Johnny and Sue learn. This responsibility lies with the parents, home life and effort. Stop barking up the wrong tree.

I’m just a little, ol’ country boy, but it seems to me that good, hardworking teachers don’t need due process and bad, ineffective teachers don’t deserve it.

I am a Republican who will never vote Republican again because of the conservative lawmakers who think public teachers have it too easy. I pay more than $1,000 a month for insurance on a teacher’s salary. What do legislators pay?

There would be plenty of money for education if it wasn’t being spent educating the children of illegal aliens and building semiprofessional sporting venues at every school.

Where are the calls to register or ban knives after the mass stabbing at a high school in Pennsylvania? It isn’t the gun, knife, hammer or even golf club that needs to be controlled. Constraining the evil in man’s heart is the only way to stop the carnage.

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