Opinion Line Extra (April 10)

04/10/2014 12:00 AM

04/09/2014 5:45 PM

Regarding people who say, “Don’t mess with my Medicare”: It seems odd how people like what they like, and exhibit no reservations claiming their unlimited entitlement, so long as someone else pays for it. With zero consideration to the fact that the program (Medicare) is wholly and completely bankrupt.

News flash: McCarthyism is alive and well in Silicon Valley. Public witch trials and burnings at the stake to resume this fall. Inquisition promises to be revived.

As the baby boomers hit their easy chairs, it’s apparent their offspring are caving in to becoming communist bloomers.

Being a Democratic political adviser is the easiest job in the world. You just tell your client, “However much money the people want, just give it to them. Here’s my bill.”

Why would anyone want to move to Kansas when it’s so full of whiners? I love Kansas and am proud to live here. I just wish others would stop complaining about all the things that are wrong and concentrate on the great things we have and are.

Observing the shenanigans over the years of the Legislature in funding schools – for example, taking money from one need to go toward another need just to make it appear they are meeting court requirements – makes one wonder: Why does the Legislature hate public education?

Why don’t we take a vote to send our legislators to St. Thomas with full salary and benefits? At the rate they’re passing bills into law that will either be challenged in court or are so ridiculous they’ll have to be repealed, enticing them out of Kansas seems the most viable alternative.

Instead of the Taliban, Kansans have the Kaniban. The Kaniban believes your kids don’t need an education, you’re obviously not a Christian, a good woman is a married woman, and incorporation is the holy path to salvation.

I just want to say for the record that knowing how to run a business has nothing to do with knowing how to run an economy. That should be pretty clear by now, but sometimes it just needs to be said aloud.

Don’t be fooled – money and power go hand in hand, spawning an insatiable hunger. The more you have, the more you need and want – and the more willing you are to go to any lengths to obtain it. Enter the Koch brothers.

So, did the Koch brothers make the Democrats’ policies from the last six years complete failures, or did the Democrats do that themselves?

I suppose the state senators required the for-profit health clubs to set aside a percentage of their profits for charitable functions? Maybe the same percentage as the nonprofits?

Education and stupidity are not mutually exclusive. Take a look at the Opinion Line.

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