Opinion Line (April 10)

04/10/2014 12:00 AM

04/09/2014 5:45 PM

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Is it really necessary to include “Dwight D.” in the new name for the airport? Are you afraid we’ll confuse him with Mamie? Wichita Eisenhower Airport is plenty of name.

If we don’t stop the horizontal fracking we’re liable to awaken the dead. Remember, we promised to let them “rest in peace.”

The Legislature and governor knew full well that losses would not be deductible under their ill-conceived income-tax changes. It is not fair to put the burden of income taxes almost solely on the backs of wage earners. I know how much business owners are raking in from these changes.

By now it is obvious to most middle-class Kansas taxpayers that Brownback raised taxes on them. Vote this snake-oil salesman out of office.

The Kansas Legislature is once again attacking public education, specifically teachers. When I graduate, I will not teach in Kansas.

All I can say about the school-funding legislation is that the folks who filed the lawsuit using taxpayers’ dollars got just what they deserved. If you hadn’t filed the lawsuit, you would still have teacher tenure.

I wonder how many more promising public school athletes will be offered “academic” scholarships to Collegiate, Trinity and Independent schools once the governor signs the Koch clause granting corporations tax breaks for giving them a full ride just to get the best team money can buy.

Is the judicial branch now writing the epilogue to the American experiment in ordered liberty? Real equality demands that everyone, not just a vocal few, has the ability to live and work according to his conscience. If the courts won’t uphold it, state and federal legislatures must.

Better to be a congressman kissing a staffer on the lips than anyone else kissing Obama’s behind.

The GOP should be wise and compromise. November is coming soon.

I always see teenagers on their phones when they’re walking or just hanging out with friends. In my head I am screaming at them to put down their phones and explore the Earth, because one day they will look back and see they haven’t lived to the fullest.

Once your team has lost, the best thing about watching the basketball national championship is knowing that one team you can’t stand is going to lose. It’s even more gratifying when it’s Kentucky.

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