Opinion Line (April 8)

04/08/2014 12:00 AM

04/07/2014 5:50 PM

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Our Kansas Legislature is determined to make sure we have the worst educational system in the country. But everyone can have a gun, so it’s all good.

It’s about time those crybaby KNEA members had to work by the same rules as private-sector employees. Good job, Kansas Legislature.

Well, our Republican Senate can’t even abide by a legal ruling to make school funding equitable without a slap to harm the teacher community.

I would like to thank the Legislature and governor for making Kansas a flyover, dig-under and drive-around state. Who wants to move to a state where an elected party of “less government” has increasingly intruded into the private lives and voting rights of its citizens?

Many Republicans are conservative until it hits them or their constituents in the wallet. Then they favor crony capitalism just like Democrats do, as in their vote to retain the renewable portfolio standard.

I would I like to thank the Kansas House for its vote on clean wind energy. The House didn’t sell out to lobbyists, as the Senate did.

I much prefer having the lesser prairie chicken protected than having Kris Kobach cost us up to $400,000 to make it unprotected from extinction. What will that man try to do to our state next?

Prairie chickens are beautiful, magnificent creatures with kind hearts. Love them for who they are. Let them have the American dream.

Protecting prairie chickens is interfering with “evolution.”

We may be voting on a 1-cent sales tax for the city of Wichita? How about increasing it to 2 cents or 5 cents? How much is enough?

How is it fair that cops can drive while being on their computers, yet give people tickets for texting while driving?

Under Obamacare logic, as long as I start working on my tax return before April 15 then I do not have to meet that deadline.

Unionize college athletics? Give me a break. The first time a player gets hurt, he or she will want to whine to the union steward. If unionization is successful, scholarships should be subject to payroll taxation. How about that, sports fans?

People get extensive piercings and tattoos, and then get offended if you look at them.

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