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04/06/2014 12:00 AM

04/04/2014 6:16 PM

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How inspiring to read the amazing message from Charles Koch in the Wall Street Journal. If President Obama and Harry Reid would hang around him instead of bad-mouthing him, maybe they could learn how business is created and works. Obama and Reid only meet with liberal businesses that want funding.

The character assassination of the Koch brothers by Harry Reid and other Democrats must stop. Democrats continually discredit and intimidate a family that has done much good for America. The left should become honest in its Koch evaluations.

I hope Charles Koch can succeed at buying that “free society” he talks so much about. Our sympathies are with him for making $41 billion under such oppressive conditions.

I had lunch with a liberal who couldn’t criticize the Koch brothers enough because they were “buying our democracy.” I then asked: “What do you think about George Soros?” The reply was: “I don’t know who George Soros is.” Frightening.

Apparently the U.S. Supreme Court was right: Money equals free speech. The Kochs donate money, and Jerry Moran speaks freely.

The Supreme Court’s latest ruling undermines the very structure of democracy. It said rich people can donate unlimited amounts to a political party. It is common sense this makes politicians beholden to the billionaires. The common people’s vote will be swept under the rug.

After the ruling that money equals free speech, I’m setting up a pool to predict the date on which the Supreme Court will decide that an individual can cast as many votes in an election as he has dollars in the bank. It would be call the Koch decision. Want in?

Democrat politicians are understandably upset over the Supreme Court’s latest campaign-finance decision as it might lead to Republican fundraising parity with them.

One positive thing about Harry Reid demonizing the Kochs is that all the good things the Kochs have been doing for years are also starting to get attention.

Every time the elected people of the state, county and city want a raise, it should be put up for a vote. Let the people they work for decide if they warrant a raise.

The Kansas Legislature is stripping counties and cities of the authority on guns because it is inconvenient and confusing to concealed-carry gun owners. What’s next? Taking control away for counties and cities from setting speed limits on roads and streets? Sales taxes?

“Local control” lately has been liberal urban politicians denying citizens their very basic right of self-defense by banning carrying of firearms. This is in violation of the Constitution. It no doubt makes them feel warm and fuzzy but actually reduces the safety of their citizens.

Prairie chickens – something else to grouse about.

Maybe if it had evolved into the greater prairie chicken, natural selection wouldn’t be chasing it down. It’s the nature of the chicken.

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