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April 7, 2014

Opinion Line (April 7)

Would someone introduce a bill disallowing any property- or sales-tax hikes for 20 years?

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Would someone introduce a bill disallowing any property- or sales-tax hikes for 20 years?

Say what you want about Haysville – its voters are forward-thinking enough to vote in a small sales-tax increase so they can make improvements to their community. Let’s hope the voters of Wichita will be as smart when they get the opportunity to make the same vote.

I see Haysville voted to increase the local sales tax. I am sure that will entice more people to move there.

Did we forget to mention that Haysville also has a fantastic library?

I get you, Haysville. When some people find out I am from Arkansas, they look down to see if I have shoes on, say something about my accent or make some kind of rude remark about the state. They say it in jest, but gets very old.

Employees of a business should not be allowed to take cellphones into the restroom. It is annoying to wait 10 minutes and find the person occupying the stall and talking on the phone is an employee.

I might change my mind and favor renaming ICT if they’d dig up Ike and bury him out in front of it. We could then all rest assured he was in Wichita at least once.

Let’s get ahead of the curve and make our airport a drone-launching and -landing and repair station, with an office complex to hold corporate drone operations and an alphabet soup of government surveillance agencies.

Who is responsible for the traffic lights in Wichita? If you drive downtown you catch a stoplight at almost every block. And why can’t a car turn left when there are no cars coming in the opposite direction without having to wait for the next green light while wasting gas?

People are starving in the world because of a scarcity of capitalism.

My Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill.” So why do Christians have to pay for national defense? Because we are a democracy, not a theocracy. That’s why Hobby Lobby will lose. We’ve had this debate before.

What has ever come out of congressional hearings besides political grandstanding? They are truly an incredible waste of time and money.

“Taught the fear of Jesus in a small town”? John Mellencamp was wrong. It’s “taught the love of Jesus in a small town.”

Kansas City is sprawling chaos. You won’t find me there.

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