Opinion Line (April 5)

04/05/2014 12:00 AM

04/04/2014 5:23 PM

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It was amazing how quickly the Obama administration came up with 7.1 million enrolled in the Affordable Care Act when for months it couldn’t give us any numbers.

Notice the nonstop bashing of the Affordable Care Act by Republicans? To say they’re scared to death it will work is putting it mildly. Last time I figure they griped and bashed to this degree was when Social Security became law.

How many of you who claim that all or most of the ACA horror stories are false have talked to the 6 million-plus people who say they are true?

I am glad the TSA requires us to show a valid photo ID before boarding a plane. I am also glad our state Legislature has required us show the same valid ID before voting.

Why do I get the feeling all these mass shootings are a government conspiracy?

Another mass shooting. Unfortunately, it’s no longer jolting news. Sadly, it happens so often, I think I’m becoming desensitized.

I hate to say it, but we need to go back to the draft. We would get a better class of soldiers and could be more selective.

We so frequently hear that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It would be interesting to know how many more of the victims of the numerous massacres would have survived if the perpetrators only had their bare hands as a weapon.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid would have been thrilled with modern technology today, and still able to carry their guns.

If Kathleen Sebelius is to blame for the rise of electric rates, then are the Kochs to blame for the high price of gas?

Is anybody else tired of the Americans for Prosperity utility ad? Talk about beating a dead horse.

If the state legislators want a $10,000 raise, they should get it from their contributors and the special-interest groups that write the laws for them to pass. That’s who they work for, not the Kansas taxpayers.

I’m glad to hear Dave Letterman is retiring. He is no Jay Leno.

Jon Stewart should replace Letterman. He is smart and very funny. He deserves a shot at a bigger audience.

Letterman quitting is the best news I’ve heard since County Commissioner Jim Skelton said he would quit. Now if we can get Obama and Jimmy Fallon to do the same, it will be a much better world.

I wonder how many conservatives have Progressive car insurance.

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