Opinion Line Extra (April 4)

04/04/2014 12:00 AM

04/03/2014 5:51 PM

U.S. military intervention over Crimea? Are you nuts? Why is ignorance in vogue in America? Could it be Archie Bunker’s fault? President Obama knows better than to burden America’s legacy with the memory of enumerable dead and wounded over nothing, the way Bush and the unconscionable Cheney did.

Obama and the Democrats peddled Obamacare based on 40 million uninsured. At least 6 million lost their insurance because of Obamacare. Now they’re trumpeting 7 million enrolled. Even assuming it’s true, 39 million are still uninsured. My, what a resounding success.

Of the 7.1 million people who have signed up for Obamacare, how many were kicked off their insurance and are now paying higher premiums with higher deductibles? Is that what the Democrats are gloating about?

Obama toots his own horn but is usually off-key.

What did Obama do that resulted in no American troops killed in Afghanistan during March, other than he raised the flag of retreat to the Taliban?

“Raise the minimum wage.” “A chicken in every pot.” Who’s buying all the chicken? We are.

So a congressional hearing is held to determine if Caterpillar is violating the federal tax code, when it is only taking legal advantage of the way the code is written. All the while our government – through waste, corruption and inside dealings – steals from the taxpayer.

I called Veteran Affairs with a file number. They called up the wrong name and said that they would need a Social Security number instead. When questioned why, they admitted nobody worries about the accuracy of file numbers when typed in. It scares me how this is just business as usual, with no vow to correct or become more accurate.

So those who homeschool or send their children to non-public schools could get property-tax relief. How about those who have no children? Do they get relief? Another idiot idea from the Kansas Legislature.

The governor and the Legislature are only interested in how to make the businesses and the rich get richer while the rest of us pay their taxes.

Again declaring war on the federal government, this time for placing prairie chickens on the threatened species list, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach reminds me of the comic caped capon radio hero’s introduction: “It’s Chickenman. He’s everywhere! He’s everywhere!”

Beware, Kobach – the prairie chickens are coming!

It’s a sad day when someone is proud about how many abortions have been performed at her clinic.

So our cable bills go sky-high so that we can listen to eight or 10 more commercials every five minutes. Pretty soon we will be listening to more commercials than the actual program. No, thanks.

Three more soldiers were senselessly murdered at Fort Hood. The next morning all the cable news channels, except for CNN, were covering that event. CNN was still covering the missing airplane.

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