Opinion Line (April 4)

04/04/2014 12:00 AM

04/03/2014 5:51 PM

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If we changed the name of lesser prairie chickens to “richer prairie chickens,” then I’m sure the red states would bend over backward to help them.

If American eagles and gray wolves had depended on the voluntary efforts of farmers and ranchers for their survival, they would both be extinct today. The claim that either property owners or the state government will exert effort to protect lesser prairie chickens is laughable.

The needs of people are more important than those of endangered species, and than perceived threats by radical environmentalists and ecologists.

I’m not sure why the Kansas secretary of state is involved in a wildlife issue, other than his avowed purpose to challenge the U.S. government and as part of his re-election strategy.

One reader said the reason for all-day kindergarten was to provide babysitting. That is incorrect, as kindergarten is a major factor in the education success of our children.

Two graduating seniors: One had all-day kindergarten; the other didn’t. Will there be a difference? If so, it will be that the one who went a half day will be better adjusted to life because he was allowed to be a child and play a little longer.

District Attorney Marc Bennett is apparently unaware of how Colorado and Washington state changed marijuana laws with indifference to federal regulations. Thank you, President Obama.

Could anyone who actually believes 7 million signed up for Obamacare please contact me? I have some beachfront property in Great Bend that you might be interested in.

I truly feel sorry for the next president, assuming he is a true conservative (which he’d better be or we’re doomed). Undoing Obama’s damage and weeding out corruption will be a full-time job.

The cost is $150 million for El Dorado water or $150 million to drink your bath and toilet water. What is the question, really?

I hope there is enough money in the city budget this year to paint and re-stripe the streets.

While I was in line at a fast-food restaurant, a yelling and angry man who obviously does not like Americans or women threatened my safety and followed me to my car. I will be buying a handgun.

Many thanks to the first responders to my wife’s medical problem. The firemen and the ambulance came within five minutes on the west side of the city. God bless those who do this work.

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