Opinion Line Extra (April 3)

04/03/2014 12:00 AM

04/02/2014 6:04 PM

If you like totalitarian government, vote Republican. Once in office, they will vote to control everything from the bedroom to the doctor’s office to the invasion of sovereign countries to everything in between.

Reading the Opinion Line every day, I noticed liberals always bash what conservatives say. But should a conservative say what liberals do, it would be pronounced as being racist or bigoted.

I am an American first and a Democrat second, and President Obama is working out just fine for me. Too bad you Republicans who call yourselves Americans can’t give him the respect he deserves. He could accomplish so much more if you weren’t so determined to see him fail.

It is well past time for the rest of the country to hold their respective states accountable for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi being in office, allowing them to remain in office and their efforts to destroy the United States.

The Obama administration announced it is nearing 7 million enrollees for Obamacare. You do realize that this announcement was made on April Fools’ Day, right?

Michelle Obama has campaigned against junk food, sugar and soft drinks. Heaven help her and her two daughters if they ever gain a pound of excess weight. Every Obama hater and junk-food lover will be watching for every excess pound and ready to make accusations of cheating.

I guess when they ask me for my picture ID at Best Buy before I use my charge card, they are trying to restrict my buying of some item. Makes sense.

Of the supposed 15,000 voter registrations in limbo, I think a very high percentage are intentionally that way. The liberals figure they can get more political capital that way. Welcome to 21st-century dirty politics.

This course on how to shake hands that has been brought up in the Legislature: Will it be a full-year course or just one semester? How long does it take to learn to shake hands?

With all the laws our recent state legislators have passed or considered, I wonder where in Kansas they will find caves for the residents to live in.

So, people want to stop renewable-energy subsidies. Well, OK. Then stop all energy subsidies. Then you will really see whining and crying.

Kansas Republican legislators propose a $10,000 annual pay increase for themselves, but can’t see the need to increase the minimum wage to a viable living standard for their constituents. Earnings of $25,000 a year are pretty good for a part-time job. Maybe I should be a politician.

I am retiring in three years. I’ve chosen another state to migrate to. When Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax policies have failed, the rest of you will be saddled with massive debt.

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