Opinion Line Extra (April 2)

04/02/2014 12:00 AM

04/01/2014 5:44 PM

Every day we read how the city is going broke. Stop wasting money on stupid projects like renaming the airport. I have traveled in numerous airports, and I couldn’t care less what their names are and only call them by the name of the cities they are in.

What’s with the criticism that Dwight Eisenhower didn’t have a close connection to Wichita? The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t either and we have a highway named after him, and I don’t remember any balking about that.

It continues to be apparent that the Kansas Legislature is driven by outside organizations, including the American Legislative Exchange Council, Americans for Prosperity and the national and state chambers of commerce. It also is unsettling that much of it is done clandestinely.

I predict that Gov. Sam Brownback will run one of the dirtiest campaigns this state has seen when he realizes Paul Davis is several points ahead in the polls.

When will the corporate version of Jack Kevorkian, the National Rifle Association, publish the number of NRA members who commit suicide or “accidentally” shoot themselves each year?

Not to worry – if Russia further invades the Ukraine, our glorious leader will issue a sternly worded note of disapproval.

Do you suppose a single loudmouthed lefty was ashamed of the vile, vicious and hateful things they said about George and Laura Bush? Of course not. Worse, the things being said about Obama aren’t disgusting personal attacks. They’re legitimate concerns, and they’re true.

It sounds like Pope Francis is going to make Catholics into virtual Episcopalians by condoning homosexual marriage, divorce, birth control and women priests. Why don’t Catholics just merge with them? That way they’d also get better preaching, prettier churches and better hymns.

National media exposure for the 2013 season for the Shockers reportedly was worth $555 million. I think it’s about time the administration recognizes the people who keep the lights working, keep the water flowing, keep everyone warm and cool. How about a raise?

If we stay on daylight saving time so it is lighter longer, would that offset the Westar Energy increase if we use less electricity? Let’s stop changing the time.

When are high prices going to stop climbing? Cable, groceries, clothes, electricity, phone, home insurance, gas – you name it and you will see big prices in store for all of us to pay. It doesn’t matter that we are on a fixed income. They all just keep raising prices.

What has prompted the increase in the number of full-page advertisements in The Wichita Eagle and the disturbing increase in the numbers of back-to-back, shorter-in-length, higher-in-volume TV commercials at the time of the usual scheduled break in programming?

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