Opinion Line (April 2)

04/02/2014 12:00 AM

04/01/2014 5:44 PM

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How long before Little League players demand to form unions and get paid for their efforts?

It amazes me how many people in this town think they’re entitled to a good job when they don’t have a college degree or an ounce of work ethic.

As a small-business owner in Kansas, I’d like to thank Sam Brownback for eliminating my state income taxes. This allowed us to winter in St. Thomas. I’d also like to thank the workers of Kansas who allow me free use of the roads and services they alone pay for. Stay gullible, Kansans.

It is obnoxious and obscene to vote “yes” on a bill that prevents debate for the next 20 years.

The idea that there should be financial equity between the YMCA (a nonprofit), which helps children and families, and a for-profit business such as Genesis Health Clubs is ludicrous.

The only endangered species in Kansas should be old white senators.

Anyone who observes what is happening in the economic world and isn’t alarmed at the failure of the welfare state and Keynesian economics is delusional, crazy or simply an ideologue who refuses to embrace the truth.

Since Republicans like to blame President Obama for everything, I’m waiting to see if they would care to blame him for the fact that no American troops were killed in Afghanistan during the month of March.

Why is the Democrat Party pushing to legalize illicit drugs?

I propose one very simple change to voting laws: Only paycheck earners who pay taxes may vote. Only the people who fund the system should have a say in how it’s run. Isn’t our president all about fairness? How is that not fair?

The huge dissatisfaction with both the Republican and Democratic parties is measured by the record number of registered independents.

I have zero use for politicians. I have negative use for Democrats/liberals. I am registered “unaffiliated.”

It’s too bad “truth in advertising” doesn’t get enforced in political advertisements.

I wonder how much time and effort was put into the Riverfest schedule. Who wants to see Grandmaster Flash? They have been off the scene for umpteen years. Did they have to pay to come here? Bring in something up-to-date.

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