Opinion Line Extra (April 1)

04/01/2014 12:00 AM

03/31/2014 5:26 PM

Our Constitution gives us personal religious freedom, not corporation religious freedom. Corporations have no religion, and just because you own one does not give you the right to force your personal beliefs on others.

Well, Hobby Lobby, I can use my freedom to not shop at your store, and I will.

The constant theme of liberals is: “America is terrible. We’re awful, horrible people and need to change everything.” Have you ever noticed that it’s never, “America is awesome; we’re not perfect, but we can improve”?

I estimate that if you polled average voters as to their opinion of the Koch brothers, 2 percent would say they are extreme right-wingers trying to buy a government they like, 2 percent would say they are trying to save America, and 96 percent would say, “Charles and David who?”

If columnist Davis Merritt had been around when Galileo or Copernicus was alive, he would be saying that the world is flat because “every scientist in the world” knows the world is flat. Of course, all that “scientific knowledge” saying the climate has been changing since creation doesn’t matter.

Now that scientists have predicted man has the ability to control Mother Nature (changing our lifestyles to avoid global warming), I’ll be anxiously awaiting their next study of how man can control hurricanes, droughts, floods, blizzards, etc. I’ll wait patiently while it’s not warming up.

Why don’t you sick people just go ahead and get it over with, and have a drive-up drop-off window for the newborn babies that women don’t want.

Special-interest groups write legislation and send it to the Kansas House. Legislators glance at it, think it’s nifty and pass it. No work, no questions – and these clowns want a $10,000-a-year raise. What a neat place to work.

We need to know who votes in favor of this bill giving legislators a raise. Those who do should be voted out.

I went to have my taxes prepared and I had to show my photo ID (driver’s license). I went to the doctor and had to show my photo ID and have my picture taken. Just sayin.’

Why don’t we have people of integrity and fortitude in Wichita’s local government? The bottom line is I don’t trust the city of Wichita local government with spending taxpayer money.

Congratulations to Chris Jans, the new head coach of the Bowling Green men’s basketball team. But could the announcement have waited a day or two after the Shockers lost to at least make it look like he was in St. Louis preparing his team for Kentucky instead of going on job interviews?

The Sports Illustrated jinx is alive and well.

There is a simple solution to a barking dog problem. A compressed-air horn will stop them in their noisy tracks. After two or three blasts, no problem.

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