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03/30/2014 12:00 AM

03/28/2014 6:21 PM

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So the Senate and President Susan Wagle don’t want people to be able to vote for a casino in Sedgwick County for the next 18 years. And people say that our government is not trying to take away our rights. Have senators forgotten how that question on slot machines was misworded and misunderstood the last time?

Wagle and other senators want to take away our right to vote on slots for 18 years. Apparently, we are not to be trusted. So much for limited government. I will be holding my senator and representative accountable for how they voted on this issue. I hope you do the same.

The legislation to prohibit a revote on the slot-machine issue for 18 years should include language to prohibit revotes on tax-increase issues that are voted down. Current bills are put on the ballot continuously until they are shoved down our throats.

About revoting for slots at Wichita Greyhound Park: How many times did we vote on the downtown arena? And we still didn’t get what we were promised.

I didn’t know it was possible to vote to prevent votes from happening. Now that it is acceptable, many potential uses for it come to mind, starting with a 20-year moratorium on votes to repeal the ACA.

“Thank you” to Rep. Russ Jennings and the rest of the House coalition who fought for much-needed jobs and economic diversity by supporting renewable energy. I am equally happy to see elected officials working together for the good of this state.

Nobody is against wind farms. You’re listening to propaganda put out by people who build wind farms. What is wanted is to change the law demanding 20 percent wind generation by 2020. The propaganda claims to favor a generation mix. Let the economics determine the mix.

I am proud that the House Republican lemmings – er – legislators found a cliff they would not follow their main campaign funders off of and said “no” to repealing the renewal energy standards. That took courage. Now, maybe they can do it on other legislative matters.

How many Republican representatives now have Americans for Prosperity targets on their back since voting to not repeal the renewable energy standards?

If Paul Davis really wants to beat Gov. Sam Brownback easily in the election, he should vow to abolish the Kansas Turnpike and make it free, as it should have been long ago.

Is President Obama America’s Neville Chamberlain?

Russia invaded Crimea because Russia is weak, not strong. The health care law is whatever Obama decides it is on a given day. We announce to the world that we are gutting our military. Welcome to the decline and fall of the USA. A superpower once lived here.

My new slogan, “Do unto others as they have done unto you.”

Every time my dog gets out of line I threaten to send him to a zoo in Denmark. That straightens him right up.

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