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March 31, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (March 31)

I laugh aloud every time I read a comment about how Republicans want to hurt women. Get a grip.

I laugh aloud every time I read a comment about how Republicans want to hurt women. Get a grip.

When you become eligible for Medicare, you have to pay the first three months’ premium to be enrolled. Why don’t you have to pay up to be enrolled into Obamacare?

Let’s quit busing schoolkids and spend the money on education instead of transportation. The parents can drive them to the new Southeast High School out in the boonies.

So the city now has a $99,000 “Free” Fares program. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

So Haysville is portrayed as a bunch of illiterate bumpkins? If they work hard they can catch up to Wichita as the bumpkin capital of the world.

Levees/dams should be built around Haysville to build a reservoir, with floodwater from the Big Ditch diverted to fill it. Water problem solved.

One thing for sure: The Wichita City Council sure makes it enticing for retirees to relocate elsewhere.

It’s my belief that a lot of people support gay rights right now who otherwise wouldn’t because they’re afraid of being lumped in alongside Fred Phelps. And can you blame them?

Glenn Thompson and Stand Up for Kansas need to mind their own business and stop trying to force their morals on the people of Kansas. And the 28 senators who voted for a ban for 18 years on being able to vote on gambling in Sedgwick County need be voted out of office next election.

Regarding the renewable portfolio standard: I wonder how soon before pro-repeal candidates are recruited and paid for by the Koch oil cartel. I am surprised they have not bought out all the Kansas wind farms and shut them down just to protect their oil interests.

Our service adviser says the cause of carbon deposits on our car’s valves is ethanol in gasoline. Pundits predict we may soon be import-free of oil. Will lobbyists still bribe Washington politicians to use tax money to support ethanol and foist it upon us?

What’s up with all the outlandish false accusations in Opinion Line that Democrats are “communists”? How cowardly to simply anonymously name-call without facts attached. I don’t know who I am more disappointed in – the people who offer these silly opinions or The Eagle for publishing them.

If blood transfusions are against your employer’s religion, you’re not doomed. Get a job somewhere else. Duh.

It’s time to start smoking out secret societies.

I’ve been thinking about KU’s early exit from the NCAA Tournament, and have decided Bill Self should be called “Coach Good Enough.” He recruits high-caliber one-and-done talent, but only gets just “good enough” results.

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