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03/31/2014 12:00 AM

03/28/2014 6:03 PM

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The first time I voted against slots. I’ve changed my mind, and now these idiot politicians are telling me I can’t vote again until I’m 73. What country are we in? That’s not the American way. What next?

If local politicians truly wanted us to be involved in the process, as many claim, local elections would be held in the fall in even-numbered years. Obviously, they have other reasons for refusing to move them. Something’s rotten in Doo-Dah.

We need to take control of our government representatives at all levels. Who else controls their own wages and benefits? Why do our national representatives have salaries, benefits and perks better than 95 percent of the population? The waste, corruption and belief that they are American royalty is outrageous.

They build new schools that do not have enough students and sit half empty, but they cannot fund full-day kindergarten.

The real reason for all-day kindergarten: So the babysitting bill for the other half of the day can be paid by the taxpayer.

Rep. Virgil Peck, R-Tyro, wants to raise legislators’ pay so it’s 80 percent of the teacher average. In 2016, that would be a $10,000 raise. He is the same person who joked about hunting down undocumented immigrants like feral hogs, with helicopters. What clown school did he attend?

The economy and the environment are not on a seesaw, where if one goes up the other must come down. The economy has been going up and down for centuries. For the sake of future generations, we must not neglect the environment.

Wichita has demonstrated it will not support pro baseball teams, including the existing team. A new ballpark won’t increase support for long, judging by the most recent multimillion-dollar upgrade to Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.

Thank you to The Eagle for adding “Red and Rover” to the comics. Its sweet and gentle humor is a welcome addition to my day.

Leonard Pitts’ commentary on Fred Phelps was spot-on. He’s right – what I feel is a “certain dull pity.”

The Eagle should research and report Phelps’ full history, beginning when he was the only lawyer in Kansas who would take civil rights cases, when he took sexual harassment cases, enraged the courts by saying how racist they were, and started the anti-apartheid movement in Topeka.

Fred Phelps’ “interpretation” of the Bible is as reasonable as Charles Manson’s interpretation of Beatles songs.

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