Opinion Line (March 29)

03/29/2014 12:00 AM

03/28/2014 6:02 PM

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As an American citizen, I would like to see our “world police force” back off. Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are not our problem, and it is not our responsibility to intervene in their affairs. NATO forces seem to be 90 percent American and 10 percent from other countries.

Does anyone still believe that experience as a community organizer and a brief (undistinguished) term as a U.S. senator qualify one to be president?

I was outraged when Harry Reid called the Koch brothers un-American. I called Reid’s office and complained. Tell him you didn’t like it either.

Born free, taxed to death, and nowhere to run. Go, USA.

My credit-card company pays me 1.5 percent for spending. My bank pays me 0.25 percent for saving. It’s not right and needs to change.

The Kansas Star Casino needs to set up a big fund for employees who are eventually going to contract lung cancer from secondhand smoke.

I’m 68, and just the suggestion that Medicare could be taken over by the state is enough to make me sick.

The headline “More people moving out of Kansas than entering” was not surprising. What would be shocking is if it were otherwise with Gov. Sam Brownback and this crop of legislators in charge.

They need a renters union in this town to stop landlords from lining their pockets with the renters money. They raise the rent whenever they want. That is why I bought a home.

I don’t see any difference between tagging a special-interest group’s mural or tagging anything else in town.

A National Labor Relations Board judge says athletes at a college can unionize. Thank goodness. We can now have a championship based on seniority and not talent.

KU coach Bill Self: Play Conner Frankamp for 30 minutes and you win.

The students were not displaying an obscene gesture on the cover of Sports Illustrated but the hand sign for WSU – a “W.” Keep up with Shocker Nation.

Thank you, columnist Bob Lutz, for your informative and thoughtful narrative on the Kansas teams during the basketball season.

Hang onto the glory of sporting events. Everything else is going down the drain.

I’d like to thank the idiot who was too lazy to return the grocery cart to the cart rack. Between that selfish move and the Kansas wind, my car only suffered $1,400 worth of body damage.

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