Opinion Line Extra (March 28)

03/28/2014 12:00 AM

03/27/2014 5:34 PM

Elected officials should not be extremely conservative or liberal. They should be independent thinkers. Yet, with campaigns costing millions, a candidate’s principles are seductively influenced by wealthy contributors who have self-ingratiating agendas. Want to win an election? Think their way. So who’s watching out for the everyday people?

The Great Recession was a devious scientific creation concocted by the super-rich.

Vladimir Putin is trying to bring the Soviet Union back, and it looks like that is on the chessboard. Bad news. These are people and families, not countries. That is the problem: We can’t see people are people, and not Russian and Ukrainians. That hurts.

It is really disheartening to learn that I may not be able to live out my planned lifetime because of “global warming.” Shame on those “terminators” who burn fossil fuels.

Kansas freshman Joel Embiid may declare for the NBA draft. I cannot blame him for wanting to become a millionaire. However, maybe this year Bill Self can recruit some top talent that will be around long enough to form a team.

Some people think WSU should have a football program, but then KU would like one, too.

What a thrilling season for our Shockers: Congratulations. However, the amount of TV coverage was ridiculous. With everything happening in the world, with criminals running rampant in all levels of government, stations seriously can’t come up with anything other than basketball to fill time? Investigative journalism truly is dead.

Jimmy Fallon has been making fun of Duke for two weeks straight about losing to a lower seed in the NCAA Tournament, and you don’t hear them crying and complaining about it. If you don’t want to run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.

Wow. It’s bad enough that our state lawmakers don’t accomplish anything, but do they have to undo laws already on the books? First they try to duck out of the Affordable Care Act, and now they want to cancel the renewable portfolio standard. What’s next? Refusing to let women vote?

Kansas has at least one resource that’s ongoing, reliable, renewable and undeniable. We are flush in Kansas-grown “nuts.” You only need to read the Opinion Line daily for proof. Sadly for Kansas, this idiotic commodity isn’t worth much monetarily.

Republicans passed the Medicare senior drug entitlement insurance program when they had control of Congress and White House. Insurance companies can decide what drugs they pay for. Insurance knows better than your doctor what drugs you need to save your life.

“Public schools are the government’s propaganda wing, which is completely controlled by Democrats”? Puh-lease. If they were completely controlled by Democrats, you wouldn’t see abstinence-only sexual education and creation theory instead of evolution theory taught in classrooms.

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