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03/28/2014 12:00 AM

03/27/2014 5:33 PM

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It is interesting to see how fast the Wichita City Council could come up with $9.7 million in a few weeks for a parking garage renovation, but it has yet, after 10 years, to find $30 million (based on a decade-old cost estimate) for a new library. Follow the money.

The reason our streets are so bad is the City Council keeps taking the money for street repairs and using it somewhere else – this time for the parking garage that no one uses.

Once again, our fearless leaders pull money marked for street improvements to spend on something else they want. We can’t have an election soon enough to lose these guys. I guess we’ll still have to have the election all by itself in the spring so they can keep their jobs.

I’ve always appreciated President Eisenhower for his service to America and the free world. I’m proud that his library and museum are in Abilene and his boyhood home is open to the public. He was definitely one of us, and naming the airport after him is a great idea.

James Jeffrey, former ambassador and former deputy national security adviser, asked “What would Ike do?” about the Ukrainian crisis (March 23 Opinion). It’s clear Eisenhower is and always will be relevant. I’m happy to showcase this city and honor Ike by naming the airport for him.

The name “Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport” is too long to be useful. However, the first and last words in the new name will do fine: Wichita Airport.

The U.S. must assist Ukraine and the other former Russian territories, or they will simply become part of a new Soviet Union.

The U.S. taxpayers, what’s left of them, bailed out General Motors. And how does the company pay them back? First by not paying them back completely and then by knowingly building unsafe vehicles.

It is hard to say which government is more dysfunctional: the federal government or the Kansas Legislature. If a coin flip were to decide which, it would probably land on the edge.

After agricultural products and aircraft, the next Kansas export seems to be ignorance. Maybe that’s why our economy grows more slowly than those in the surrounding states.

Democrats are nothing more than communists with patience.

For rent: T-shirt saying “The Shockers – 40-0 and National Champions!” Will need back in November.

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