Opinion Line Extra (March 27)

03/27/2014 12:00 AM

03/26/2014 5:32 PM

The agenda of the left is becoming very clear to everyone else, as they just call those who disagree names like “bigots,” “haters” and “homophobes,” and will never discuss the merits of our argument. They have shouted us down in the past, but no more. Stand strong for right.

Federal judges should be impeached and removed for striking down a state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage.

People who say their religious freedoms are violated are often saying they want to impose their “rights” on others.

Remember when you consulted a doctor for medical advice? Now you have to consult a doctor, the insurance company’s accountant, your employer, your clergy, the governor and the House and Senate.

Whatever happened to the Kansas law prohibiting telephone solicitations where the recipient has filed a do-not call registration? The number of such unlawful calls has mushroomed in the past two years. Where is the attorney general when you need him?

People never cease to amaze me. Some Kansans want to repeal a renewable-energy law that helps everyone and the environment, just because it adds a few dollars a month to their electric bill. But it’s OK to spend millions of dollars supporting college basketball? What is wrong with people’s priorities?

A kindergarten class could do a better job than the Kansas Legislature. And now they want to be rewarded for their antics with a raise. Pay attention, voters, and remember names in the elections coming up in August and November.

An airport should make a good and memorable impression on visitors. Many people will be surprised to learn that Ike was from Kansas and they will tell others about it, not to mention tweets and Facebook posts. It’s free advertising.

I was fortunate to watch all three Kansas teams play in St. Louis on Friday. I was very disappointed to watch WSU fans not supporting KU, when it would have no effect on their team. Why not be proud of and support all three teams who are representing Kansas? Show class.

I was awakened Sunday night to a bloodcurdling scream. As I went to see what it was, I saw it was only WSU falling in the NCAA and the polls.

To the WSU men’s basketball team: Thanks for the classy ride through the season. Job well done.

Grown men crying over a basketball game. Incredible.

I have been watching the tournament with the sound on mute. What a relief from the idiot sportscasters. They never know when to shut up. They are not the game.

Now that all three Kansas basketball teams were shown the door over the weekend in St. Louis, can we see, hear and read about something other than basketball?

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