Opinion Line Extra (March 26)

03/26/2014 12:00 AM

03/25/2014 6:38 PM

It is very comforting to see the Supreme Court and the governor of Kansas working on education funding. Everything is always easier when people work together. Now, about that health care thing….

Where is that good old Kansas personal responsibility? Harnessing the sun and wind is the perfect response to higher energy bills for your home.

After the circus up in Topeka this session, does anyone really think the clowns at the state Legislature deserve a $10,000 raise?

If you’re genuinely concerned about voter suppression and fraud, perhaps you should take a good, honest look at the the history of the Democrats, up to and including the conduct of Obama’s two elections. Otherwise your fake self-righteous outrage over voter suppression is falling on deaf ears.

Isn’t President Obama amazing? I thought the Cold War was stone dead, but did you see him put on his bowler hat, grab an umbrella and bring it back to life? And you thought Frankenstein was scary.

Where did those accusing Obama of weakness in his dealings with Putin and Russia get their foreign policy degrees? Should we make good on the threat as to where we’ll “put a boot,” as boasted in the Toby Keith song? After all, redneck machismo worked so well in Iraq, didn’t it?

Must be nice – a little spring break trip by Michelle Obama, her mom and the girls to China. They stay at a place that costs $8,350 per night. Plus, she took about 70 people along. What a waste of our taxpayer money.

If blood transfusions are against my employer’s religion, am I doomed to die on the surgery table?

If a business has been licensed to perform a service or to provide goods to the public, the only reason to deny that function would be if it were illegal.

A young girl shaved her head to support her friend with cancer. She was promptly suspended by her school for violating the school dress code. No wonder our kids do so poorly when they are being taught by idiots.

As a graduate of KU and KSU and a resident of Wichita, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing WSU competing in the NCAA Tournament. Having seen how well they played against Kentucky, I have no doubt that, but for one missed shot, WSU could easily be on its way to a national championship.

When talking about the Shockers, KU bandwagoners usually forget about all KU’s early exits in the NCAA Tournament in the past decade.

It’s time for the Koch brothers to buy WSU a football team so the Shocks can join the Big 12 and play KU and K-State every year in all sports.

“Ha-ha” to the MasterCard phone scammers. I got the call and I don’t even have a MasterCard.

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