Opinion Line Extra (March 25)

03/25/2014 12:00 AM

03/24/2014 6:34 PM

Thank you, President Obama, for health care and forcing the Republicans to show their true colors: anti-women and against the middle class, education, labor unions, the poor, the handicapped, the old and children. We will not forget.

President Carter said that President Obama is the only president who has not called him for advice. And this surprises whom? Obama does believe he is the smartest man in the room. And judging by his recent nominees for ambassador, he is probably correct.

I’m sure our WSU basketball team will relive every minute of the game with Kentucky for months and possibly years. But the players should relive all the great memories getting to the last game. They should be proud of what a great year they had.

Nothing but proud to be a loyal fan of the best basketball team in the country and of our time.

The basketball stars from WSU, KU and K-State are looked up to by our impressionable youths as great examples. It is too bad so many of them choose to ruin their image with ugly, meaningless and virtually permanent tattoos.

Great year for the Shockers, but, boy, do they need to work on improving their level of opposition with the schedule.

Thanks, Shockers, for giving us a great season. It was quite enjoyable watching your class act. It was cool having so many positive vibes in Wichita as the season went on.

I am so proud of the Shockers even though they lost to Kentucky. My family is wearing Shocker clothes every day this week as a gesture of our appreciation for all their hard work representing our city and university.

After hearing Doug Gottlieb’s comments after the Wichita State/Kentucky game, local radio stations should be ashamed to carry his show in this market. I’ll never listen to another word from him, and I hope everyone else here will do the same.

It took a team of (future) NBA players to finally defeat the Shockers. Hold your heads high, guys. And thanks for a fantastic season. See you next season.

Did you seriously expect KU fans to stay and cheer WSU? Their team lost, a long road waited, plus Gregg Marshall with his name-calling and bad-mouthing of KU helped convert KU/WSU fans to KU only.

Most reports of his death conveniently ignored the fact that Fred Phelps was a gay-bashing Democrat.

Nick Anderson’s cartoon (March 24 Opinion) was perfection in its depiction of Fred Phelps’ just deserts, while columnist Leonard Pitts’ view that Phelps wasted the gift of a long life was equally spot-on. Relegating him to oblivion by never mentioning his name again is an even better idea.

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