Opinion Line (March 25)

03/25/2014 12:00 AM

03/24/2014 6:33 PM

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How WSU played the game on Sunday brought honor and national recognition to the team and changed the minds of many jaded sports commentators who now believe that WSU can play with the best. The team should be so proud.

Love you, Shockers. You are a class act and still No. 1 to your fans. On to next year.

How much joy, fun and pride they brought to the heart of an old Wichita widow. God bless the Shockers.

Getting my winter Shocker gear cleaned and ready for the next great WSU basketball season.

Now can we get back to a normal life. The WSU men’s basketball players are human after all.

Thank you, Shockers, for a great season of basketball. Thank you, Wichita Eagle, for the great coverage. Thank you, sports writers, photographers and others, for the great stories and the great pictures. Thank you, coach Gregg Marshall, for the qualities you have instilled in our team members.

Fellow Shocker fans: Please quit whining about the refs. They didn’t lose the game. When will my fellow Shocker fans show their basketball intelligence?

I wonder how much room tax Shocker fans paid to St. Louis this year?

Can anyone admit that KU just got outcoached Sunday? Woeful preparation and player rotation.

Friday’s Eagle reported that the Legislature may abolish renewable energy standards and the state’s endangered species act. Another story said that KU is looking for subjects for an Alzheimer’s study. It seems like the Legislature could furnish those subjects.

Nothing says “entitlement” louder than complaining about lowering taxes for businesses and “the rich.” Who invests money in the economy? You? I don’t think so, you of the “everyone owes me” mentality. Get a job, pay your taxes, and earn your keep.

If you wonder why the U.S. is losing world respect, just look at the poll results on anything medical or technical. We are a nation of undereducated idiots and bigots.

Don’t worry about me. Is the Constitution better off today than four years ago?

“How many dogs are too many?” (March 20 Eagle) One, if you leave it in your yard to bark all day and night.

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