Opinion Line Extra (March 24)

03/21/2014 7:25 PM

03/21/2014 7:25 PM

A reader said those who complain about Gov. Sam Brownback “don’t pay enough in taxes to amount to squat.” The ones not paying taxes in Kansas are the wealthy – doctors, lawyers and business owners who would be the biggest supporters of Brownback’s “give to the rich” policies and not likely complainers.

I wish some people would get their facts straight. I oppose Brownback and, trust me, I pay far more taxes than “squat.”

Brownback cannot be legitimately attacked for the rate increases at Westar Energy. A structure is in place to assure that any increases are legitimate. If he were to interfere, he would be interfering in the proven processes of good government.

I was reading the Opinion Line column and thinking, “Some of these are embarrassing to Kansas.” Then I remembered that Kansas is an embarrassment to Kansas.

You can be sure that the last two major upsets have motivated the shifting specifics at the voting polls. It’s been like back-to-back losers of a Monopoly game wanting to change the rules before the next game starts.

Keep driving your Japanese-engineered cars with Japanese names built in the U.S. with the profits going to Japan at your own risk, when they are not sitting in the shop because of recalls.

After reading comments about the death of Fred Phelps, it’s easy to tell who the haters really are.

My mother said to only speak good of the dead. Fred Phelps is dead – good.

The family said that there will not be a funeral for Fred Phelps. Cowards. They don’t want a taste of their own medicine.

Way to go, Topeka-based Kansas Health Institute, for helping ban smoking outside the Wichita Transit Center and caring about the overall health of those who ride the bus. What can you do for all of us at Kansas casinos, where smoking is allowed? What about our overall health?

I am glad to hear more and more people complaining that when they turn on the local TV news to hear news, they are instead hearing about basketball. It’s just sports, and sports should be limited to the last five minutes of the program, as is normal.

How can our local grocer advertise an item that is both “fresh” and “previously frozen”?

I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who left “Hair” early – 30 minutes into the play, to be exact. I partly blame myself for not researching this play before going. I am so glad tickets were given to me and my money wasn’t wasted. More research next time.

We, too, walked out of “Hair” at intermission and have heard of numerous other people doing the same. We are avid supporters of stage shows in Wichita and have attended many over the years. The quality of talent was dismal and the performances were boring beyond belief.

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