Opinion Line (March 23)

03/21/2014 6:56 PM

03/21/2014 6:56 PM

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Taxes like Wichita’s new hotel tax are easy to pass. But it is a dollar-trading scheme, because I pay your tax if I stay in a Wichita hotel but you will pay my town when you visit. Both of us end up with less money to spend on other attractions.

Greeting visitors to the airport with an incorrect geographic reference versus greeting them with the image of a world-class leader and defender of liberty for all people is an easy choice. Ike honored this state publicly many times. Now it is our turn.

Our esteemed Republican legislators proposed, and overwhelmingly passed, an amendment for schools to teach proper handshaking. Seriously? Is there a contest to see who can come up with the most ridiculous issues to waste their time on? Golly, gee, it must be good to be a Republican legislator in Kansas.

The state legislators are considering a pay raise for themselves while schools are cutting programs and staff. How can these people even look themselves in a mirror? Better yet, I would like them to look our students in the eyes and explain themselves.

Why bother even having elections or a Legislature or governor in Kansas? Americans for Prosperity dictates our economic policy while the Family Research Council and Kansans for Life determine social policies. Their boards of directors, not elected bodies, actually run this state.

The concept of a free marketplace no longer exists when the federal government mandates the starting minimum wage for business and industry. The negative ramifications of such a mandate have a far-reaching impact on the unsuspecting public as a whole.

If interest rates will remain low well into 2015, we should withdraw our savings from banks. There is no reward for being frugal, and we should not continue to make our money available to a government that squanders it and to banks that profit when we do not.

Before people became obsessed with rewriting history, we were taught that our ancestors who came to America for religious liberty came to worship God, not freedom to disregard His restraints nor to misuse His gifts.

Whatever else may be said about the late, unlamented Fred Phelps, he managed to unite in common cause both conservatives and liberals.

Phelps and his loyal clan no more deserve our respect than the man in the moon. It’s an outrage that The Eagle editorial board even suggested that (March 21 WE Blog excerpts). I hope he rots in hell.

Phelps can rest in peace knowing the Kansas legislators will carry on his work of discrimination.

If you hate Fred Phelps for being “anti-gay,” you must hate God, too. God made the rules.

Volunteer for the veterans, or an AIDS charity. Do this in Fred Phelps’ name, and show the compassion that he was sadly lacking.

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