Opinion Line (March 22)

03/22/2014 12:00 AM

03/21/2014 5:53 PM

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I would have liked to see gay people lining the streets as a Fred Phelps funeral cortege went by, to show respect for his grieving family in a way that Phelps and his family did not show others.

The world is a better place with the death of Fred Phelps. He was not Christian or Baptist. God is love, not hate.

“George Bush left office five years ago! Stop blaming him for everything!” shout Republicans who still blame Jimmy Carter 34 years after he left office.

An urgent recall to all who purchased a bright-red “reset” button: Please remove from service immediately. Continued use could result in permanent injury or death for the users, as well as hysterical laughter for those who always thought it was just a silly red button.

Just who are the people opposed to the Kansas wind farms? Do they not understand clean energy? Maybe they think the wind generators are using too much Kansas wind.

A natural-gas commercial talks about “safe, proven technology,” which is nowhere near the same thing as “proven safe technology.” I’ll bet they were hoping no one would pay close attention.

To those who blindly follow claims of man-made climate change: If there is no disaster in 50 years, have you considered how much future generations will despise you for having stood in the way of efforts to improve the economy and standard of living? Or do you not care, figuring you’ll be dead?

Do you know why the Koch-sponsored Americans for Prosperity hates wind and solar energy so much? The Kochs don’t own the wind or sun.

Why the hate for Charles and David Koch? Everyone has a right to continually grow his place in life. The Kochs have helped many thousands via jobs and philanthropy as their company has grown. How many of those complaining can compare? No one pleases everyone. I applaud them.

The new definition of insanity: demanding ever-deeper tax and budget cuts, and then complaining that there aren’t enough police officers on duty.

I know it is going to be a good day when I open The Eagle and read Suzanne Perez Tobias’ or Charles Krauthammer’s column. How fortunate Eagle readers are to have access to these two talented writers.

If I lived in Newton, I would not want the two-dog limit increased. People with several dogs or cats often are not good neighbors. Dogs barking at every opportunity. Cats running wild. We need to get over this mentality that “I have a pet, so my pet needs a pet.”

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