Opinion Line (March 24)

03/24/2014 12:00 AM

03/21/2014 5:50 PM

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Russia can invade another country and organize and win an election by almost 100 percent in that country in less than a week. President Obama and his incompetents have four years to get Obamacare and its website up and running just to sell insurance, and they can’t do it.

Vladimir Putin had better watch what he’s doing. Obama has his pen in his hand. He may sign an executive order to forbid Putin from taking off his shirt.

I am always fascinated by the many uses of duct tape – the latest of which is trying to hold together and patch the Affordable Care Act, i.e., the Democrat lie.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach disenfranchises thousands of voters to get “about 20” nonresidents. If you think that makes sense, then you are part of the problem.

I don’t understand why anyone would have a problem with voter citizen ID. Why would you want noncitizens to vote in American elections? Because you need illegal votes to win. That’s the only possible answer.

Our military has fought our wars for nothing if ordinary citizens are ever needlessly prevented from voting. Therefore, ordinary soldiers have uselessly died for nothing if this obscenity continues and goes undefeated. Voter suppression is a solution in search of a problem and has no place in our democracy.

A recent tax study showed Kansas as second only to Mississippi as states with the highest sales tax on food. It seems our governor and Legislature would correct this if they were not so eager to reduce taxes on business and the wealthy.

Thursday evening was a very bad “Hair” night, and not because of the Kansas wind. We are Theatre League season-ticket holders, and this was the first show we have left during intermission. The singing was not Broadway-worthy. It was just bad.

I hope The Wichita Eagle has a commemorative insert commemorating all the commemorative inserts.

Trash talk is uncalled for and isn’t a part of sports. Are college athletes doing it? It is the bitter, mean-spirited fans who deface the game and make it so you can’t take your kids to watch one.

A little perspective would be nice. It is not a “dance.” It is not a cure for cancer. It is not saving the Earth from a killer asteroid. It is a game, and not everyone is enthralled with a game.

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