Opinion Line (March 21)

03/21/2014 12:00 AM

03/20/2014 5:13 PM

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You’d better “fear the wheat” and Van Vleet. It’s never too Early for a Baker to rise and shine. You might want to pick Cotton, or it could be kind of rotten for those teams that don’t. Go, Shocks.

Win or lose, coach Gregg Marshall and the Shocker team are a class act.

It is wonderful to see WSU on a regional Sports Illustrated cover again. But why would the people in the photo embarrass the school and community by displaying a well-known obscene gesture? Are they ignorant, or do they think it is funny?

I have a dream that on Friday all the WSU, KU and K-State fans will root for all three Kansas teams.

KSU, one and out; WSU, two and out; KU, three and out.

Because WSU is making millions lately off of athletics, I am sure it will pass the savings on to academics.

Special sections about the Shockers? More, please.

Democrats: I’m just wondering how Obama is working out for you, with all his skills as a community organizer. While he is figuring out where he wants to put his mark on March Madness, our enemies are figuring out how to destroy the once-strong USA.

A drunk makes a stupid decision to drive, kills someone and goes to jail. A white-collar GM executive makes a stupid decision to save a few dollars on ignition switches, kills dozens and nothing happens.

Thank you, Sheriff Jeff Easter, for speaking out against this latest assault on citizens’ rights in our state (“House bill about police complaints draws criticism,” March 19 Eagle). HB 2698 is just plain scary if you take the time to think about its implications for the public.

I thought Sen. Michael O’Donnell was elected to support the wishes of his constituents. With the Wichita City Council passing a resolution against moving local elections to the fall, he should honor that.

I’m 55, and the first time I registered to vote I had to prove I was a legal resident. It is a crock that some people think they shouldn’t have to do as I did. Prove it or move it.

A first happened for me Tuesday night at the performance of “Hair.” I walked out at intermission. It wasn’t the nudity that bothered me. It was the poor quality of performers, who butchered some great songs and made a mess of a great play.

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